Thursday, 20 April 2017

Four hobby theatres continue hand in hand

Yes, progress continues on all fronts:
1. AWI
2. New Spain
3. Europe 1741-1779
4. Russian and Ottoman wars during the 18th century.
These days I do not have a favourite. Each takes centre stage at some point during a year. Currently I am focused on French/Swiss for Europe but replacement units for the AWI are currently in motion, with the odd Janissary Orta in the painting queue.
Photo 1. AWI Loyalist unit ready for basing
Photo 2. New Spain...A battalion of the Walloon Guard recently painted
Photo 3. The New French
Photo 4. Ottomans
Interest in AMG, the book, seems to have come to an end, with only a couple left it must be considered a success. Thanks to all that have purchased.