Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A Painted Prussian 22'er

This afternoon the castings arrived. So I quickly painted a Prussian as IR7. From the photograph one can see how anatomically perfect the figure looks, only the painting lets it down. I must paint the Austrian grenadier, the figure looks amazing.
So from early October I will re-start work on the 22'ers. And hopefully then some production moulds in the future.
Will these wee figures replace 28mm figures...NO.....but they might find a place in the next generation of hobbyists who want to collect SYW miniatures.
The second photo shows the size comparison for those interested in the 22'ers.
So we now have 6 Prussian infantry variants, Prussian grenadier, 6 Austrian infantry variants, Austrian grenadier, Russian & Saxon infantry. Plus Officers/Drummers/Ensigns/