Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Cuirassier Set Complete

Finished the cuirassier standard bearer this morning. So the four figures are now ready to be cast.
It would be so easy to create wonderfully animated miniatures, but and it is a big but, would they cast and if they did, what life expectancy on the moulds. The more undercuts the more chance of the wear and tear/rubber breakage and then little lumps of metal appearing on each figure making it most annoying for the purchaser......leaving one with the decision, do you paint over or try to repair.
Anyway, this leads me to the hussars. The first set will have the busby, then hopefully sometime down the line, figures with mirliton will be added. Do I follow my own instincts of shouldered sabres or have them waving about. If you are keen on the 22'ers and have a view on the hussars, please email me at:
I cannot guarantee a reply but thank you in advance.
Since posting the 22'ers as an header on the Blog page in November we have had over 750 page viewings. I would imagine that equates to at least 50-100 hobbyists sort of interested, once again thank you. Current circumstances do not allow me to put dates when the range will be completed but with 80+ figures now made in less than 9 months, progress is not that bad given some of the pit falls on the way.
Enjoy this Wonderful Hobby

Since posting the photographs I have noticed that the cuirass on the standard bearer wanted shaving back a little, now done.