Thursday, 10 May 2018


Not sure how many other 18th century hobbyists are like me, but at times I get besotted by having a particular unit. This definitely applied to Prussian converged grenadier battalion 8/46. Since reading the Battle of Zorndorf last year, I have wanted this unit in miniature above any others. Well today my wishes were granted.
I like the 24 figure battalions with the addition of the odd vignettes. Remember I work on battalions and regiments, using a scale of circa 1:30, but sometimes 1:40 for the European theatre.
The more I read of the SYW, the more I am convinced the effective strengths of units were well below the numbers we think they were from the start of a campaign, never mind during. Recruitment issues, desertion, sickness, forgetting battle casualties.
Converged grenadier battalions were converged with other grenadier battalions on many occasions.
Some grenadier battalions I have read were less than half strength.
ps. the green bayonet on one of the rear rank figures was rectified