Sunday, 6 May 2018

Feldwebel Georg Salzmann

Just finished painting and basing the feldwebel for Prussian converged grenadier battalion 8/46, Alt-Billereck to 1760. So when the battalion arrives next week he can join them and put them through their paces. I have IR46 already painted but I doubt IR8 will be added. Next is IR26 which DJ has slotted in for July.
It would be nice to make two NCO's for each battalion, one from each of the regiments represented, but for the time being one figure will have to suffice. I still have to make grenadier NCO's for 12/39, 15/18, 28/32, 29/31, besides all the grenadier companies that I have painted that do not have historically partner companies.
Anyway, Georg is the eighth grenadier NCO completed and added to the collection.