Wednesday, 16 May 2018

For the Mould so Far

My post of last Friday mentioned the need for more stock. Castings are really low. So planning the figures for the new mould are very much focused on what will need painting over the next 12-18 months.
So far 11 figures ready, including:
Austrian horse grenadier
Austrian dragoon
Austrian infantryman for the Baden-Durlach regt.
Austrian infantryman for an undecided regt.
Austrian grenadier.
Prussian grenadier, this should give me enough for three more companies to complete some of the historical converged grenadiers.
Prussian grenadier for Standing Gren. V ( this is a different pose than regimental grenadiers)
Prussian garrison regt. V. ( this is another new figure design)
Generic standard bearer
Mounted dolly
Hopefully I can get 3-4 more figures in the mould.
When I have completed the 14-15 figures I will order the necessary flags from MA.
photo French cavalry and some of the best painted Russian infantry in summer dress. You cannot beat a right leg forward marching figure!