Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Julius and Albert Vignette.....Updated table shots

Painted and based this morning. Very pleased with this vignette, painted as II Batt/IR 15. I often receive emails from AMG Blog readers saying that last vignette is the best so far, but in this case I truly believe I have got this one 'spot on'. Given that Julian is an NCO in IR15, he would be classified as a higher rank in any other Prussian infantry regiment, so Albert can be his man servant.
And for those readers who thought it was a 22mm figure, please look at the third from last photograph. I now think 25mm is a fantastic size for miniatures.
Tomorrow I will be receiving converged grenadier battalion 8/46, so I will be back to basing. Looking forward to having this battalion. Also the fusiliers for IR46 will be pleased to see them.