Thursday, 17 May 2018

More on Flags

I have already had two emails saying Austrian grenadiers did not carry flags. Thank you 
Yes, I agree, unlike the Prussians, Austrian converged grenadier companies were ad hoc units and unlikely to have been issued a flag, but can we be really certain that on a particular day..................
As a flagaholic I will have a couple as vignette pieces, I certainly would not have incorporated them within a unit, they will be more a visual marker.
I like the SYW to look colourful with plenty of big flags. I could not bare an Austrian army ALL carrying the 1745-68 MT version. That is the reason the Austrian army that I field has earlier flags incorporated. One set I ordered this morning from Mark is even more outlandish.
The last photo is an old one showing the Prussian flags. Since then IR 12 & 24 have been added. Proving we do conform to history, but not 100%.
But thank you to all worldwide readers of the AMG Blog. And if the gentleman from Germany who emailed me last week with the fantastic artwork, I did reply.
All emails are welcome. I do not have a comments page on the Blog, sorry.
What a wonderful hobby.