Monday, 21 May 2018

So What Happened to those Saxons 30mm

They have now arrived at the Lower Silesian fortress city of Brieg. A place where my extras/actors can also play!
Well the figures went off to Griffin. In the end I left out the Polish Ulan Pulk figure as I did not want 48 of them! I plan to have another mould done in the future and the Ulan will be included.
So when the castings arrive I can increase the collection if I so wish by:
2 Austrian infantry Regiments
1 Empire infantry Battalion
4 Saxon infantry Regiments
2 Austrian Horse Grenadier Regts
2 Austrian Dragoon Regts
8 Prussian grenadier infantry companies
2 Prussian Garrison grenadier infantry battalions
2 Prussian Garrison infantry battalions
2 Prussian Cuirassier regts
Plus more dolly poses and ensigns and more musketeers for the Gentleman that bought the Hessians.