Sunday, 10 June 2018

On the Workbench: 30mm

With new stocks I can now carry on building the Austrian 1740-50's collection.
In this hobby there is no prescribed number of figures in a unit.
Only the other day I was speaking on the telephone to one of the very best miniatures painters in the UK, his work has been on many a front cover, a real artist with the brush. Well, he has a Prussian SYW army, and currently building a Russian. The discussion was about him upgrading his battalions from 24 to 30 figures. To him it is important that they look visually right on the table, with the two flags preferably on a central stand and albeit he likes 24 figures he remains unconvinced. In my view 30 would have a more balanced look.
My European collection is geared to regiments and battalions. I use a scale of 1:30 or 1:40, I think this range covers the average number of effectives. It could be debated during campaign the 1:30 is airing on the high side. 
A regiment is 42 figures + 12 grenadiers that are usually detached.
A battalion is 21-24 figures.
For me the above works and the regiment being made up of seven bases of 6 figures the flags nestle nicely into the centre stand. When fielding a battalion of say 24, like mentioned flags are a problem, one must accept the imbalanced look or leave off the stand of flags. An alternative is to have the odd ensign with single flag to add to battalions.
On the workbench are the 42 figures for Austrian regiment Baden-Durlach.