Monday, 11 June 2018

Painting Pecking Order

One of the great things about the model soldier hobby is doing lists. Having now got abundant metal stocks I can now list my requirements in the order of painting. Another reason for doing this is to ensure I have the flags and if not order them. Whilst on flags, speaking to Charles last night he mentioned he had finished another Prussian battalion and had hand painted the flags. I have to say these were on par with Mark's and painted on linen, they looked stunning in the photographs he kindly sent me this morning.
Anyway, my to do list, following the arrival of Prussian regiments IR 26 & 28 which should be in the cabinet by the end of July.
In the order to be painted
Austrian infantry regiment Baden- Durlach
Austrian inf. regt. Harrach
Austrian regt. of mounted horse grenadiers
Austrian converged grenadiers
Austrian dragoon regt. Sachen Gotha
Prussian garrison regt. V. Full regt so I need Leibfahne
Prussian grenadiers IR15,42,20, 30 or 21. I already have other companies to make up the battalions.
Prussian standing grenadiers, two further battalions
Prussian cuirassier CR2
Empire, Kurmainz infantry. Not sure if I have this flag already?
Saxon infantry regt. Prinz Karl Maximilian. Leibfahne required
Saxon inf. regt. Prinz Fredrich Augustus. Liebfahne required
Saxon inf. regt. Konigin. Both flags required
Saxon Chevauleger Graf Bruhl. Flag required
After that we have all the French/Swiss, so plenty in the pipeline.