Thursday, 14 June 2018

Prepping Figures

I am meticulous when it comes to prepping figures. Even though Griffin castings are zero flash, I still scalpel/file where the two halves of the mould meet on each figure. It is inevitable that there will always be a line somewhere. How often do you see photographs of figures where the painter has not seen a mould line and painted over.......well you will not find any on mine. All my marching figures are cast a particular way so that the mould line never comes near to the face or through the front of the figure.
I have now completed the prepping of the 42 figures for Baden-Durlach. The drummers and ensigns had to be Milliputed as they are more generic than specific nations. Drumsticks and flags are soldered onto figures. Milliputing hands on drumsticks are a pain but at least they look like hands that are going through the motion of drumming, rather than some you see. Pin bayonets, soldered again, no wibbly wobbly bent bayonets on view.
Is it all worth it, I think so.