Thursday, 5 July 2018

Answers to Questions

I have today received an email from blogger/fife and drum owner Der Alte Fritz. I am sure the questions other readers of the AMG blog may well have wondered.
Q1. Largest 18th century collection of armies in the wargaming universe
I know of a few hobbyists in Europe that have VERY large collections. Certain elements of my collection could be in the top ten, such as the AWI British and most definitely the Prussians. And I doubt anyone has a Spanish army for New Spain like the one specific to 1770's. Not forgetting the Ottomans! What I do have most of in the world is Mark Allen flags.
Q2. All Quality
I have been lucky to have had Mark and David on the team. Yes, we are a team and I include Howard, who has been a guiding light over the years.
Q3. You have sculpted them
If you have read the book then you know that I owe a lot to many others in the hobby. Suren/Hezzlewood/Staden/Gilder/Hinchliffe.
It is most satisfying to be able to make what you want when you want it rather than wait.
Q4. Milliput vs Green Epoxy Putty
Brian Rigelsford gave me a very small amount of the green stuff and it remains unopened. I have simply always used Milliput, it works for me and I can roll it paper thin and apply. Most of the top sculptors use the green stuff, so one must assume that it can be worked just the same as Milliput. I use the standard yellow/grey Milliput, The only advice I can offer is that I use 2/3 hardener(grey) to 1/3 yellow.
ps. Zieten is a good example of Milliput