Friday, 10 August 2018

Most Frequently Asked Questions Since Starting the AMG Blog

1. Why do you remove posts on your Blog.
This is just a daily write-up of MY hobby and not a journal. I cannot imagine anything worse than trawling through years of my random Blog posts. The best photographs are retained on discs, so they are not lost.
2. A Second Book.
We had plans and enough material for sequel 1 & 2, but serious illnesses plagued publication. Even earlier this year meetings took place for book 2 but...........So unfortunately it is very doubtful.
3. The 22'ers.
I had hoped to create a niche market for smaller miniatures, albeit the feedback for the 22'ers was mainly positive, it did not justify the time nor further investment.
However, all being well, I will finish the range of figures for completeness.
4. Commissions.
I only make figures for myself and friends.
5. Will you start another Forum.
Even though the AMG Forum had much backlash for the way I moderated, it was still a great forum for its interaction, discussion and sharing of information. To last four years is pretty good going. Any regrets, No.
As I have said on an earlier Blog post, I am going to post my Reichenberg game and Ottomans on the 18th Century Discussion Group Forum.
6. Retail your 30's.
As said above the market for 18th century figures is well supplied and does not need another entrant.
7. Do you sell your painted units.
Yes. Surplus to requirement regiments have been sold.
8. Do you sell your castings.
Only to Close Friends.
The above covers most of the questions in the emails I receive.