Friday, 11 January 2019

Another Eventful Day

The first game from the new 18th century campaign came to a conclusion this morning. I have over 80 photographs, I now have to decide which are suitable to go with the narrative. Like the AMG book I will probably have a small gallery, so the odd photo not used in the narrative can be seen at the back of the PDF.
All this is providing John H. can do the PDF. If so, John can then lighten the odd photo, making it more visually pleasing.
I have already started to look through all the pen and inks and decide which are appropriate for the first screening. I have posted a few unseen before on the forum.
The siege of Schweidninz, which still continues will be included.
I have also made a start on the Austrian ADC. In my last post I mentioned it would be an hussar, but a forum member came up will the brilliant idea that it should be a horse jaeger....something different. The benefits of a forum focused on the 18th century.