Sunday, 22 July 2018


Bavern with an escort of dragoons rides ahead of the main army to have a better look at the enemy dispositions. It is at this point he realises that he will need to call in the Prussian regiments that have been detached.
Simple photo, simple storyline.

A Crossroads Day

I am still musing over the engagement at Reichenberg. I am happy in my mind that the Prussians were closer to 20000 on the day. However, for the Austrians at what stage did Major General Count Wurben's Brigade arrive from Gabel, supposedly two battalions had arrived, ready in a clearing? At the moment I assume that is on the Austrian left.
Anyway, with Baden-Durlack present, albeit part of the reinforcements from Gabel, and not on the painting queue until early September, I have a few more weeks to sort out this mini hobby dilemma.
This reminds me very much of the early days of the AWI when we lacked information. Probably one of the reasons why we amassed so many original AWI books, we were scouring the Americas for books to glean more information. If I could read German I would probably be doing the same by scouring Germany for original SYW journals and source material. As it is I will have to do with the few SYW books I have + the wonderful Kronoskaf website.
Figure wise I have nothing urgent to make. Officer vignette and NCO for regiment Harrach but they are not needed until November. Harrach will be the last Austrian infantry regiment for the collection. All the regiments are combinations of reds or blues, strangely all the Austrian regiments at Reichenberg were reds or blues.
Maybe it is time to do more none military vignette pieces, which are always a useful ingredient for the photo-shoots.
Good scenery = easier storylines.
Remember the ladies are not wearing make-up.
Photos.......'have you heard that...................

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Run for it Lads!

The Prince nor his men were in a fighting mood. One round of melee and it was off home.....
So that ends the prelude to Reichenberg.


Colonel Puttkamer at the head of his hussars charges the cavalry of The Prince of Liechtenstein who has a mixed force of cuirassiers and dragoons. Major-General Schoning follows up with the infantry.
All photographs taken in natural daylight, with no special effects. Simply press the button.

Painting Slots

Yesterday David telephoned for one of our regular hobby chats. Part of the conversation was my allotted painting slots for the remainder of 2018 & all of 2019.
One of David's great attributes is that he is totally organised and schedules are adhered. A man of my own heart.
If you have read my thread 'Painting Pecking Order', which strangely remains on the blog! I have been preparing units for future painting slots.
Well, my Austrian infantry regiments will see the paintbrush this year, which is fantastic news. In addition the 'specials' I have made over the last week or so will be painted.
So I will get them all boxed up ready to send on receipt of Prussian IR26.
I can now sort out which units to have painted from January 2019. The first two will be those Austrian horse grenadiers and Prussian garrison regiment V. I also need to consider the next mould. I already have a few figures ready, including the Saxon Ulan which is a beautiful sculpt, he missed the cut for the last mould as I did not want 50 Saxon Ulan figures. I also want to add my Polish Winged Hussar I made the other year, that is if I can find him!
Lots of hobby things to mull over.....

Friday, 20 July 2018

Increase the Stockpile

I remember the days when having just three figure variants constituted a range of infantry, marching, advancing and standing firing. These days the variants are endless. But more than this is the relentless number of new sculpts coming to fruition on a monthly basis. Only this week coming to the market I have seen a wonderful Ottoman range, and I have been informed of more SYW Russians and Saxons soon to hit the shelves. Some would say it is feast or famine in this hobby, I would argue more feast.
It must be difficult to choose what to buy, just like being in a sweet shop with sixpence to spend and being surrounded by jars of delightful goodies.
Unfortunately, buying metal figures is not cheap, add to that in some cases customs charges, so I am not surprised that plastics have become popular.
It must be difficult for hobbyists to stay focused with such a variety of figures available and next month more additions. For those who paint large units the chase is a dead cause and must remain focused. If the hobbyist outsources there is a chance. And for those who are patient then there is always tomorrow. So with so many new products it maybe worth stockpiling for the future. That is what I do when I have a mould made. Rather than have a few run off I usually purchase 700-1000 castings. Not cheap but as it worked out not a bad investment.
My photograph shows my Saxons. These were cast not for 2018, nor 19 but probably for 2020. When you have got the castings and the flags, when it comes to their turn you are ready. For the Saxons and French I went for the swinging right arm rather than the right arm over the chest holding musket. All my marching figures are based on the two concepts.