Monday, 21 September 2020

The 18TH Century Forum

Grows from strength to strength with new members joining on a regular basis.

Interesting new threads are daily.

Member interaction.

Helpful Advice.

Covering :

The War of the Austrian Succession


American Revolution

SYW in America

Wars in the Caribbean

And other Hobby related topics.


Remember you do not have to own AMG to join.


Friday, 11 September 2020


The books ordered prior to lock-down are now being sent out. Thank you.

Very pleased with how the 18th century forum is progressing, very lively with some most interesting threads. We have not just hobbyists but historians, researchers and even our own military artist. Not all are book owners which is good.


Friday, 21 August 2020

Last Post for the Foreseeable Future

I would like to thank ALL who have visited AMG since 2013.

I have really enjoyed posting but with the changes ahead with Blogger I have decided to call it a day, all the pity.

The 18th Century Forum is up and running and speaking to Charles S. Grant OBE yesterday evening and Chris this morning we are very pleased with the current activity levels.

Interested parties for joining the forum were emailed, most have replied and joined. I can only assume some decided not to join, which is fair enough, some emails probably dropped into their spam box.

To All, Enjoy this Wonderful Hobby.


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Welcome to the Military Gentleman's Webpage

Some years ago, following a series of articles shown on the internet of a campaign that I had completed, an American lady called Marcia contacted me regarding her ancestor who had been mentioned in a number of the engagements. This led to many conversations, emails and paperwork crossing the ‘big pond’.

It soon became apparent that, as a result of our correspondence, we had the material and the background to this character to turn his story into a publication. And so, with Marcia’s blessing, ‘The Travels and Adventures of an Officer of the 18th Century’ was born. The work, which is written as an adventure story, covers the earlier part of his military life.

The second part of the book is an extensive gallery of over 100 pages, including a number of double-page landscapes, allowing many of the models in the collection to be shown separately, along with photographs of other miniatures that are not included within the main story. 

The project has taken about seven years, from concept to publication.  Figures had to be made and painted, and models constructed to create the period backdrops in keeping with this amazing story. With the help of many friends, I have now completed the book, and it is now available.

click on photo to enlarge

The book has 300 pages, and this first limited edition (of 500 numbered copies) will be produced in large format (305mm by 230mm), on high quality 170gsm silk paper, cased in wibalin over 3mm boards, for a high-value production.

The binding is sewn litho to ensure stylish reproduction and because there are a number of double-page spread photographs. The unique inclusion of two ribbons will allow you the reader to keep an eye on the gallery section whilst at the same time enjoying the main story!

About the Photos

The pictures shown within the text of this webpage are merely "snaps" and do not appear in the book itself. (For an example of the professional photographs within the book, see the picture of the flags at the foot of this page).
Most pages of the book are illustrated with original pen and ink drawings, specially commissioned military artwork, and professional photographs of model soldiers. In total there are more than 500 images throughout the book, covering:
  • the Russian /Ottoman Wars,
  • Wars in Western Europe,
  • the Bavarian Succession,
  • and the conflict in America, culminating in the Wars with France and Spain. 

click on photo to enlarge

Within the book, there are:
  • full-scale, pitched battles
  • skirmishes
  • duels
  • naval engagements 
  • and sieges
involving regular troops from the main protagonists of the 18th century world; and irregular troops, from Ottomans to North American Indians.

Please note:
This book is not for those who want a set of games rules, or a series of "how to" articles; but it is for those collectors who appreciate the fine art of beautiful model soldiers and armies in wonderful settings, including extensively detailed model towns and cities.

How do I acquire the book?

Go to the Book Order tab/button on the navigation bar above, and follow the process on that page, and you will receive the book within just a few days.

click on photo to enlarge

click on photo to enlarge

Thank you for your interest.

Best wishes