Friday, 21 July 2017

The Deserter is now Roped Up!

Yes, another vignette completed and off to one of the collection cabinets. I have enjoyed painting this piece. The main challenge was matching the bleached yellow coat that DJ did so well on the dragoon regiment all those years back.
Not sure what to do next as I am pretty well up to date with my projects. I have a refurbishment job on Prussian IR24 which may be started if the weather cools a little.

Painting Dirty!

Not a style of painting I would usually adopt. However, for this vignette I thought the deserter should look a little bedraggled.
The Spanish dragoon is about 50% complete.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Onto the next Vignette........' Deserter '

This afternoon started to paint the 'Spanish Deserter' vignette. Still lots to do on the deserter figure and the mounted trooper is just at the undercoat stage.
Hopefully, over the next day or two I can finish the vignette. Whilst brushing away I am thinking of what vignettes I should make for the 1750's French army. An AMG member has provided some artwork for an NCO + a unique idea for a two-piece NCO vignette.

The Value of Making Your Own

Not reliant on sculptors or manufacturers, I can come up with an idea and in most cases make it and more recently paint the figure.
Today I painted the NCO for IR5. In the photograph you can see him putting a few recruits through their paces.
I enjoy painting one-off figures. I would say I am an average quality painter 6 out 10.
Only two more Prussian NCOs to make and paint, IR 34 & 38, but I would like a few more for the grenadier battalions.
Next up for painting something a little different. Based on some artwork an AMG member kindly posted on the Forum.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Yes, Him

The first Prussian regiment DJ painted for me was IR5. Now that was a long time ago, and the cabinet graces many a regiment. It has since had a grenadier NCO added but not a musketeer NCO.
The photograph shows the man promoted.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Cast of 22'ers

Well the prototype 22'ers are off to the mould makers. Next time I see them, the figures will be in metal.  
I have made a few changes of late and these minor improvements will certainly help with the next stage of this range of figures.