Tuesday, 23 August 2016

An Action Scene or Two

Quite a few members of the AMG Forum ( UK & European) have visited and gamed with figures from the collection.
The Colonies collection offers the small to medium game. The European, 'big battalions' and loads of them. Both offer a great game. The Prussian fusilier regiment (IR 38) centre of photograph has had a number of bases removed for casualties.
The first photo from a Colonial game, the second a SYW.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Event/Playing Cards

Today, John H. popped round and took sufficient photographs to produce the first set of event/playing cards for the Colonial Campaign. Given his professional approach these will look fantastic. I am really looking forward to this colourful campaign.
I have to admit the Colonial adventure with AMG MEMBERS has become a major distraction, but enjoyable, finishing the final pieces for the Mollwitz is becoming difficult. The command figures for the next Austrian cuirassier regiment seem to have taken an age. Not my best work but......
Flag painted by Mark Allen.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Now Based

The Austrian grenadiers now based march into the cabinet. They await the call for the 'Mollwitz' table setting.
Having played Paltzig with Charles S Grant, Mollwitz is the only other European battle I have planned to game.
The last of the trio is Kozludzha, Ottomans vs Russians, June 10th 1774. 95% of these armies are ready. I had hoped both armies would be ready by the end of 2016. The Russians are done. The Ottoman cavalry just await one unit. We just need a few more of the new Janissary Ortas, then that game can be played.

Friday, 19 August 2016

A New Forum

Given the size of the Campaign in the Colonies, I have commissioned a new separate Forum, away from AMG. The theatre of the campaign is in excess of 1.5 million square mile, with sea being much of the said mileage..... so we need a BIG SPACE!
We have 30 participants, each will have defined responsibilities. I have tried to cover each strategic point from Mexico to Louisiana to Jamaica to Savannah to Grenada to Nicaragua, the points are too numerous to mention them all. Naval actions will be numerous and some participants have squadrons of ships of the line, to sail the seas.
In addition I have commissioned a set of event cards to be printed by the person who did the formatting/layout of AMG. No cost will be spared, ensuring that the campaign is a visual treat for the armchair participants. The participants are from, America, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the UK.
Also I plan during the Campaign design a few new figures and create more vignettes, adding to the colour of the adventure.
The photo shows just a few of the maps I am using, besides an extensive library of books appertaining to the region of activity. And a Spanish drummer.

Behind the Scenes

I expect the Campaign in the Colonies will evolve as it goes along. However, a little background work and research will do no harm.
John H. who did the layout/formatting for AMG is popping round this morning. John will be producing the first set of event cards for the Campaign. This set will be made up of 32 cards. I am really keen that the same professionalism that was applied to AMG will follow though to the Campaign.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Characters for the Colonial Campaign

One of the great values of a Forum like AMG is that we can create some 'groundswell' when the members become interested in a particular subject like the Colonial Campaign.
A number of members are already researching the military and non-military characters that governed the region/island they are responsible for at the outset of the Campaign.
A couple of photos of characters that will take centre stage a some point. Painted by Dave Jarvis and Mark Allen.
The fun of this hobby is not just the collection of regiments but the personality pieces that can create a backdrop storyline for the military figures to take to the table.