Saturday, 17 March 2018

Franconia. Move 2

Those Prussian grenadiers need to keep their nerve. 
I hope the Empire Dragoons had a good breakfast, outnumbered 2:1
That limber horse has the right idea.
Prussian gun takes the first casualty, Austrian mounted Grenzer
Whilst moving and photo shooting I cut and glued some more grass/wheat clumps, still to be painted.

Franconia, Move 1

With my solo rules there is no consistency of troop movement in any one move. I suppose this takes into account the true topography that my table does not show. The rules are a combination of what Steve and I put together, years of minor alterations, and the introduction of parts of 'The Wargame Rules'.  I like them but they would not be robust enough for multi-player. More a Gentleman's set of rules, who has no friends.
There are no written orders, just a free for all. But it works for me. A dice is thrown for which side moves first, pretty simple really.
Anyway, my camera is still poorly so as with those photographs of yesterday, sorry for the below par quality. 
The Empire troops are not standing idly awaiting the enemy, they are moving forward, well for the moment.
The Prussian command have ridden forward to get a closer view of the 'white coats and a few blue'. Whereas the beautiful Bosniaks are looking for a quick victory.

Friday, 16 March 2018

May 1759, Franconia Part 2

The troops are now on the table.
The Empire force is made up as follows:
Hessen-Darmstadt battalion
1st Franconian Kreis Regt. Varel
Wurzburg batt.
Squadron of Swabian dragoons
2 squadrons of hussars (grenzers)
Bavarian field piece
( With a force like that who needs 18th century imaginations. You couldn't make the above force up if you tried )

May 1759, Franconia

Who will get the grain?
His Royal Highness Prince Henry has moved into Franconia, splitting his force into three elements as the enemy have a number of detached corps in the area.
Sending Lt.-General von Finck with nine battalions and several squadrons of cavalry against Austrian General Macquire.
Learning that a considerable amount of grain was in the vicinity of Waldkirchen, Finck sent three battalions and two squadrons of cavalry to destroy or spoil any food magazines:
Grenadier Battalion Bornstadt (13/26)
3rd Batt. Anhalt-Bernburg (IR3)
Freebattalion Monjou
1 3pdr
2 sq. of Bosniak Lancers
(photos have been taken of the Prussian infantry)
Macquire had stationed in the said area some light cavalry(grenzer hussars) and a number of Empire troops. More on these later.

Thursday, 15 March 2018


Following two most enjoyable telephone conversations yesterday, firstly with David J. and the other with Charles SG. I have downed tools on the 22'ers and back on the 30's. I do not think there is any real rush to complete the 22'ers, partly because my main interest remains the collection of 30's. Also, if I thought that 100's of hobbyists were clamouring for the smaller figures I might remain more focused. As it is I have not read anywhere much interest, and where I have seen mention, more comments are from doubters than enthusiastic followers, which to be fair is not surprising. But I will go back to them very soon.
The conversations yesterday were more positive. Recruitment of Saxon, Austrian and Empire troops and making a new mould and adding some one-off SYW figures.
With the Prussian green hussars riding in next week, I thought this morning I would trawl through the castings and decided on yet another that needed painting, Prussian infantry regiment IR26 ( the castings were recruited for IR19 but there you go, I like the yellow flags better).
Some years ago DJ painted a number of grenadier companies and progressively they have been re-joining their parent regiments.
So now I am prepping the castings, removal of any minor mould lines. The hat men are now ready to have the pin bayonets soldered to the muskets.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Playtime: 22mm Infantry Regiment

I have posted photographs previously showing a single battalion of the 22'ers. I thought it time to see what a regiment would look like.
I am quite impressed.