Thursday, 21 June 2018

Kreytzen Vignette Painted

The figures for the Kreytzen vignette are now painted. They will be based when the regiment returns.

The March: Journal of Thomas R Charleton RA

I have just sent the two PDF's of 'The March' to a book owner. These were wonderfully produced by John H. I finished gaming the scenario on the old AMG Forum, a big regret is that I never asked John to produce it on a PDF, it would have completed the set very nicely.
A few none related AWI photos.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Johann Freidrich von Kreytzen: Updated

With DJ as of this moment working on those Saxon prisoners and re-clothing them as Prussian IR28 (see earlier post ), I thought I had better start on the mounted officer. With von Munchow killed at Leuthen, then best pick the next Chef, von Kreytzen.
I have added more light into the photograph because it is difficult to photograph dark brown undercoated figures at this time of the day.
I have now added the second figure for this vignette.


As I mentioned on the front page header under AMG PDF's, at some point I would extend the offer.
1. So if you own the AMG book and you would like them, or just see a single pdf, then please email quoting your book number.
2. Anyone wishing to see a single pdf, then please email me.

I will be happy to email them if you are happy with the retention of copyright statement.
Since adding this post I have been busy emailing copies. Enjoy!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Garrison Battalions make Ready

A quick photo-shoot of the Prussian Garrison battalions making ready just in case they are called into action.

Ready for Another

With all 42 figures prepped for regiment Harrach, I can start prepping another unit. I fancy something a little different from the marching figures. I could do the Austrian horse grenadiers or maybe make a start on Prussian Garrison Regt V.
I think it will be the Garrison Regiment von Mutzschefahl until 1759 renamed Sydow until 63. This will be a full regiment of 42 figures.
Favourite pose remains my marching figures but the collection needs a little variety. This is where Freikorps/Garrison/Grenzers/Jaegers can add that difference.