Sunday, 15 December 2019

The 3000

To be precise the 3240 Prussian cuirassiers, scale of 1 : 30. Having based the new arrivals and before they go into winter quarters I thought it would be good to show four of the five Prussian cuirassier regiments in the collection.

I suppose it is these photographs that illuminate what the 'bigger units' look like when combined into brigades. The bigger units have appeal but also a

30mm just about works for 'mass' table-top settings, but unfortunately table space is eaten up more so with these larger cavalry organisations. Anything larger than 30mm would not work for me the same, the figures become too individual and the eye drawn to detail rather than the overall.

Now 20's or the 22'ers would be even better than the 30's in my opinion. I would readily exchange all my 30's for painted 22'ers. That would allow me far more flexibility, also more regiments and larger cavalry organisations on the table, what a wonderful dream.


20's vs 22'ers

Graham C. of Crann Tara Miniatures sent me one of his 3D 20mm Austrian miniatures sometime ago and maybe it is time to show a comparison. Photographs of plastic vs metal is a little unfair to plastic but the photo gives a size/proportion comparison.

I may well finish the 22mm range next year. If no family member wants them then they will simply disappear into the abyss as distributing miniatures is for a much younger person.

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Russian Dragoons in Summer Uniform

A blog follower emailed (see book page for email) asking if I could post photographs of the Russian dragoons which were painted following the release of the Sergey Petrov artwork.

As Russian cavalry during the early stages of the SYW were woefully under-strength mainly due to the lack of horses, I have gone for 18 figure regiments rather than the normal 26.

The cornflower blue horse furniture looks far more striking than the straw/buff colour shown in most descriptions.

I am hoping Mr Petrov is right otherwise I have a lot of figures painted wrong! But they still look good.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The Story Unfolds

An arrow narrowly misses the teenager.

Campaign 1780/1980

In the mid-1980's whilst MR H and myself were scouring the libraries for anything AWI, which to be fair was pretty limited, I was introduced to Simon W.

During the previous decade Simon had amassed a huge AWI library and had done much research on the period. He was very instrumental in what books I went on to purchase.

I would speak to Simon on the telephone quite regularly and during one particular conversation he mentioned that he and four others had completed an AWI Campaign based in the South, 1780. He was kind enough to parcel up and send me all the paperwork. For the weeks that followed I photocopied the entire work.

This is a complete campaign from start to finish. With narrative, maps, battle-reports, fortification, casualties, recruitment, desertion and even a newspaper. And Much more......

Forty years old and still a good AWI read. It would have made a wonderful book with a few colour photographs to go with the story-line.

This campaign for me is priceless.

Over the years I have re-played a number of the scenarios from the campaign.


Sunday, 8 December 2019

The Regiment

This is what I am hoping to emulate with the Saxons but with a regiment of 42 figures including six grenadiers.

1. Hat men
2. Grenadiers
3. Battalion gun
4. Mounted Colonel
5. Officer vignette
6. NCO

The photographs show Prussian IR 26. In the Campaign they are part of the army on the Saxon border commanded by Henry. The collection has 32 such Prussian regiments plus Garrison infantry, Standing Grenadier battalions, Frei-battalions. A formidable number of Prussian infantry. All painted to this standard by DJ and flagged by MA.