Saturday, 23 June 2018

NCO Needed

David informs me that IR28 (excl grenadiers) will be with me Monday. I noticed that when parading converged grenadier battalion 28/32 that I had not made a grenadier NCO.
Not wanting to start with a dolly pose, I converted an Hessian that I had cast a few decades ago. This figure had the musket resting on the right shoulder. Cut away the musket and cartridge pouch and relevant straps, changed the head, added kurzgewehr, milliputed.
A quick paint job and the NCO is ready to base.

AMG pdf's 2

Since my previous post I have steadily been sending out the pdf's to book owners. Strangely no none book owner having asked for a sample. Approximately 70% of book owners did not join the old forum, so hopefully this is their chance to supplement the book with another 130 pages. Many book owners actually printed off the contents of the pdf's.
They are formatted identically to the book with: photos, unpublished original artwork, pen and inks, and even maps. 

Friday, 22 June 2018

von Kreytzen

Rather than twiddle my thumbs or do some much needed research, I decided to base up the Kreytzen vignette. Up until 4th April 1758 von Kreytzen commanded the converged grenadier battalion 28/32, from the date mentioned he commanded the regiment IR28. The uniform for the regiment is quite boring compared to others and is more appropriate for a garrison regiment. No collar, no lapels and blue cuffs. Not sure any manufacturers produce such a boring uniform, but I had them cast. 
If you have followed my Journey of the Prussian collection via the book/forum/blog you will have realised a number of the regiments are not the most glamorous nor carried out heroic deeds but for Frederick just made up the numbers. For me some of these regiments are the most interesting and maybe not mentioned in major battles but were actually involved in many a skirmish.
Over the next few days any further hobby time will be devoted to prepping Garrison regiment V, von Mutzschefahl. I never made a drummer boy standing to attention, but fortunately I still have two old AWI X range figure which I will convert.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

The March: Journal of Thomas R Charleton RA

I have just sent the two PDF's of 'The March' to a book owner. These were wonderfully produced by John H. I finished gaming the scenario on the old AMG Forum, a big regret is that I never asked John to produce it on a PDF, it would have completed the set very nicely.
A few none related AWI photos.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Johann Freidrich von Kreytzen: Updated

With DJ as of this moment working on those Saxon prisoners and re-clothing them as Prussian IR28 (see earlier post ), I thought I had better start on the mounted officer. With von Munchow killed at Leuthen, then best pick the next Chef, von Kreytzen.
I have added more light into the photograph because it is difficult to photograph dark brown undercoated figures at this time of the day.
I have now added the second figure for this vignette.


As I mentioned on the front page header under AMG PDF's, at some point I would extend the offer.
1. So if you own the AMG book and you would like them, or just see a single pdf, then please email quoting your book number.
2. Anyone wishing to see a single pdf, then please email me.

I will be happy to email them if you are happy with the retention of copyright statement.
Since adding this post I have been busy emailing copies. Enjoy!