Sunday, 20 May 2018

Book Enquiry

I have this morning received an email from a gentleman, initials MH. I have replied by email but my email was returned unseen. Your email parameters obviously rejected my email. 
Anyway, having sorted the figures for the new mould I decided to change my mind and I took a couple out and I am adding a few others including a Polish Ulan Pulk figure. I think that a light cavalryman will look OK with the 1753 style Saxon infantry.
The Saxons in the photograph were captured by the Prussians and are destined to be re-distributed into the Prussian army. The main recipient being IR28. They are being escorted away by the grenadiers of IR28.
Having sworn allegiance to the King they are off to have new uniforms.  

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Take it Away

Yes, the figures for a mould and for casting are ready to be posted on Monday. That will equate to another 600 castings.
Other than the French SYW castings which none are painted, I usually have anything up to 100% painted but sometimes as low as 75%. So over the next year or two I will need to find space for at least another 500 painted figures.
So what next, whilst I await the return of the metal. Maybe the odd NCO, definitely a couple of Prussian ADC's, and I have just enough castings for one more Prussian Frei-Korps Battalion.

Attention to Detail

Research has been a key part of my hobby. Many of the older books that I own are very much focused on the battles and the men involved and less so on the uniforms. I have been lucky to have friends that have helped enormously over the past 30 years, and who continue to help and give advice. 
New information is coming to light every year. A blessing in one way and a nuisance in another. Finding out regiment Z had green facings rather than blue can have one contemplating change. Last year we did a mini AWI refurbishment for that precise reason.
For 20+ years I have had friends whilst in foreign museums, looking at and where possible taking photographs of German fusilier mitre caps from the 18th century. In fact Charles sent me a photograph only last week of one seen in a Polish museum. I have never been totally convinced that the plate was much smaller than that of the grenadier. I think the general view now is that it is taller than the ones on many miniatures. In the book 'Prussian fusiliers' by Stephen Summerfield it states ' the mitre plates were stamped out of the same die for both fusiliers and grenadiers'. The mitre plate size will probably remain my quest of finding the 'Holy Grail'.
I will not bore you with another obsession, that of drum rim designs, all I will say is we try to get it right. And of course all musicians have to have the right designed braiding or as near as possible.....anything less would not be acceptable! When it comes to that detail few are better than DJ with the brush.
Overall the research means that my collection is more right than wrong.

Friday, 18 May 2018

That Mould

You would think it was my last mould given what figures I am trying to cram into it! So far I am up to 14 figures. Each day I come up with a new 'I need' list. Yesterday, a Russian in summer dress was included, plus an armless dolly but with gaiters/waistcoat/coat in an advancing pose, this will be another useful figure. Today was I needed another Prussian cuirassier as I still have some spare flags.
On that disc with the photos shown on the Website was a few more I have not shown for a while. Plus those cavalry flags.

Time Flies

The book will shortly be 5 years old and the PDF's 4 years old.
The first photo shows how the book was printed in pages of 8. I was given one of the first sets before it was bound. I was so pleased I went to a local printer for AMG to be produced.
The pdf's were really fun to make and produce. Big regret not carrying on with the campaign and producing more.
I also found the photographs that launched the original AMG book Website, now removed.
I wonder what the next five years will bring.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

More on Flags

I have already had two emails saying Austrian grenadiers did not carry flags. Thank you 
Yes, I agree, unlike the Prussians, Austrian converged grenadier companies were ad hoc units and unlikely to have been issued a flag, but can we be really certain that on a particular day..................
As a flagaholic I will have a couple as vignette pieces, I certainly would not have incorporated them within a unit, they will be more a visual marker.
I like the SYW to look colourful with plenty of big flags. I could not bare an Austrian army ALL carrying the 1745-68 MT version. That is the reason the Austrian army that I field has earlier flags incorporated. One set I ordered this morning from Mark is even more outlandish.
The last photo is an old one showing the Prussian flags. Since then IR 12 & 24 have been added. Proving we do conform to history, but not 100%.
But thank you to all worldwide readers of the AMG Blog. And if the gentleman from Germany who emailed me last week with the fantastic artwork, I did reply.
All emails are welcome. I do not have a comments page on the Blog, sorry.
What a wonderful hobby.