Friday, 26 November 2021

Ratnik 3

The third set of the Ratnik 18th century town folk arrived this morning. 

These are delightful sculpts. 

Like with the previous two sets I will paint probably seven miniatures from this set. I already have a number of figures with the high pick which I made for the trench scenes in the AMG book, also do I need a second sedan chair I ask myself.

My sedan chair is rather large and out of scale but was made for my seated characters which I made quite a number. Speaking to Mr H. last week he was clear that the sedan chairs he had seen were rather small, so the Ratnik one is perfect for town scenes. 

I look forward to painting these new Ratniks. I may well disrupt my Ottoman artillery to paint a couple.


Thursday, 18 November 2021

Orthodox Priest

The Forum has provided me with much inspirational artwork. Our Eastern correspondent providing a plethora of mostly unseen works in the west.

Some months ago to my surprise was an Orthodox Priest on Campaign. So I made the miniature and painted to the best of my ability. 

This is the fourth Orthodox Priest I have made for the Russian Collection. 

The wolfhound I made and DJ painted. The eagle I made and painted.


Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Ottoman 2

Mr H. obtained a selection of Ottoman artillery which he left with me on Sunday.

The first photo shows the variety of manufacturers and the two guns that I prepped yesterday. The miniatures are excellent and the plan was to incorporate them into our Ottoman armies but I will see if I can make enough variants of my own first before resorting to inclusion of other brands.

Photo 2. shows my box of Ottoman metal castings. I need to look through and see which will convert into artillerymen. Otherwise it may well be wire armatures.

We are in a minority that feel 18th Century European Collections are incomplete without Ottomans. 


Sunday, 14 November 2021

Ottoman Calling

On my short list of items to finish are Ottoman Artillery.

The overall Ottoman collection is extensive, probably over 1000 miniatures but lacks artillery. The reason simply being we have never seen commercial guns that would compliment the miniatures. The ones in the first two photographs were put together by a mixture of manufacturers and I have never been able to replicate.
We have the artillery pieces in photo 3 but although they are wonderful sculpts we felt they were not just right for our needs.

The good news is that Warfare miniatures have now produced artillery for their range and my close friend Mr H. is calling in today with a few pieces for me to look at. Hopefully, these will be the missing link allowing the collection to be completed. More on that in another post.

I have added a few photographs of our Ottoman miniatures.


Friday, 12 November 2021

Right Leg Forward

And shouldered sabers.....very 'Old School' but my preferred look to 18th century European armies. None of this opened mouth or swigging rum no nonsense Nco's have none of that in the ranks. These are truly disciplined miniatures.

To some in the hobby this look is boring, which is quite understandable, but as I said I like the old school look with a few animated vignettes. 



Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Making Miniatures : My Way

If you have followed this Blog over the years then you know I have my own technique in making miniatures.
Yesterday, I made the wire armature using brass wire and soldering iron and today I Milliputed the Austrian Grenadier Officer in the first three photographs. The process was speeded up by having a grenadier head/hat in stock.
With drying time such a figure will usually take up to two hours to complete. 

I like figures to look anatomically correct for the 18th century, probably a reason why I prefer the old Charles Stadden, Suren , Hezzlewood miniatures but would add to that list the Perry AWI range and the Saxons Andy Stadden sculpted for Crann Tara.

I am not saying mine a perfect but they are as good as I can do at my advanced years. 

I will do a post very soon on my approach to collecting 18th century miniatures.